In addition to web design, Wicked Webbing offers web hosting, domain registration, and web master services. Wicked Webbing offers two types of hosting accounts:

  1. You can host your website on the Wicked Webbing account but you will not have upload or download access. This type of hosting works for people who don't know anything about web design and want to use Wicked Webbing's web master services in the event they need to alter their files.

  2. You can also choose for us to set up an individual account for you where you will always have access to your web site's files and directories. This option works best for people who have some web design experience or want web master services through a different company.

    If you want Wicked Webbing to make alterations to files on an individual account, you will be required to give your username and password to both your hosting and FTP accounts. You will pay for this account directly through the hosting company we use, The $20 fee is just a service fee if we set up the account for you. You are welcome to set it up yourself, however.

Service Fee
Hosting on Wicked Webbing account $4.95 per month
Set up of an individual account with 24/7 upload/download access One time setup fee of $20 plus variable monthly charge.
Domain Registration $12.00
Web Master Services (includes updates and changes to an original site designed by Wicked Webbing or to a site designed by another company) $30.00 minimum
$30.00 per hour
(If your site requires frequent changes, a monthly fee can be negotiated.)